Do you love a challenge?

At Sorenson Engineering, we thrive in a culture of innovation, attracting exceptional individuals who continually seek new challenges. As a leader in next-generation microtechnology, our highly skilled problem solvers face the industry’s toughest challenges, performing on a global level, to advance the leading edge of high-precision solutions.

As a zero-defect business, we recruit individuals with a relentless drive for perfection. As a global leader in service, we foster a team inspired by a shared commitment to excellence.

Hiring is a significant event at Sorenson Engineering. We take a patient and methodical approach to evaluating applicants — seeking career-oriented candidates with exceptional problem-solving skills who are energized by highly complex problems and a drive to innovate solutions that are faster and better.

We continually provide each of our team members with the advanced training, education and support you’ll need to realize your full potential.


Sorenson Engineering is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to diversity and welcome all qualified individuals of different backgrounds.